A Book of Fruits and Flowers: Of Violets



The use of Oyle of Violets.

Oyle of Violets, Cammomile, Lillies, Elder flowers, Cowslips, Rue, Wormwood, and Mint, are made after the same sort; Oyle of Violets, if it be rubbed about the Tempels of the head, doth remove the extream heat, asswageth the head Ache, provoketh sleep, and moistneth the braine; it is good against melancholly, dullnesse, and heavinesse of the spirits, and against swellings, and soares that be over-hot.

The Syrupe of Violets.

Take faire water, boyle it, scum it, and to every ounce of it so boyled and scummed, take six ounces of the blew of Violets, only shift them as before, nine times, and the last time take nine ounces of Violets, let them stand between times of shifting, 12 houres, keeping the liquor still on hot embers, that it may be milk warm, and no warmer; after the first shifting you must stamp and straine your last nine ounces of Violets, and put in only the juice of them, then take to every pint of this liquor thus prepared, one pound of Sugar finely beaten, boyle it, and keep it with stirring till the Sugar be all melted, which if you can, let be done before it boyle, and then boyle it up with a quick fire. This doth coole and open in a burning Ague, being dissolved in Almond milk, and taken; especially it is good for any Inflamation in Children. The Conserves are of the same effect.

The use of Conserve of Violets and Cowslips.

That ofCowslips doth marvelously strengthen the Braine, preserveth against Madnesse, against the decay of memory, stoppeth Head-ache, and most infirmities thereof; for Violets it hath the same use the Syrupe hath.

To make Paste of Violets, or any kind of Flowers.

Take your Flowers, pick them, and stamp them in an Alablaster morter, then steep them two howres in a sauser of Rose-water, after straine it, and steep a little Gum Dragon in the same water, then beat it to past, print it in your Moulds, and it will be of the very colour and tast of the Flowers, then gild them, and so you may have every Flower in his owne colour, and tast better for the mouth, then any printed colour.

Powder of Violets.

Take sweet Ireos roots one ounce, red Roses two ounces,Storax one ounce and a halfe,Cloves two drams,Marjerome one dram,Lavinder flowers one dram and a halfe, make these into powder; then take eight graines of fine Muske powdered, also put to it two ounces of Rose-water, stir them together, and put all the rest to them, and stir them halfe an hour, till the water be dryed, then set it by one day, and dry it by the fire halfe an houre, and when it is dry put it up into bagges.

A good Plaister for the Strangury.

TakeViolets, and Hollyhokes, and Mercury, the leaves of these Hearbs, or the seeds of them, also the rinde of the Elderne tree, and Leydwort, of each of these a handfull, and beat them small, and seeth them in water, till halfe be consumed, and put thereto a little oyle Olive, and make thereof a plaister, and lay it to the soare and reines; also in the summer thou must make him a drink on this manner, take Saxifrage, and the leaves of Elderne, five leav’d grasse, and seath them in a pottell of staile Ale, till the halfe be wasted, then straine it, and keep it clean, and let the sick drink thereof first and last, and if you lack these hearbs because of winter, then take the roots of five-leav’d grasse, and dry them, and make thereof a powder, then take Oyster-shells, and burne them, and make powder also of them, and mingling them together, let the sick use thereof in his pottage, and drink, and it will help him.

A Medicine for sore blood-shotten and Rhuematick eyes.

Take ground Ivy, Daises, and Celedony, of each a like quantity, stamp and straine out the juice out of them, and put to it a little brown Sugar Candy dissolved in white Rose-water, and drop two or three drops of this liquor at one time into the grieved eye, with a feather, lying upon the back when you doe it an hour after, this is a most approved Medicine to take away all Inflamations, Spots, Webbs, Itches, Smartings, or any griefe whatsoever in the eyes.

A Glister to open and loosen the Body being bound, which may safely be administred to any man or woman.

Take Mellowes and Mercury unwashed, of each two handfulls, halfe a handfull of Barley clean rubbed and washed, boyle them in a pottell of running water to a quart, then strayne out the water, and put it in a Skillet, and put to it three spoonfulls of Sallet Oyle, and two spoonfulls of Honey, and a little salt; then make it luke warm, and so minister it.

To cleanse the head, and take the Ache away.

Chew the root ofPellitory of Spaine, often in the mouth.

A Medicine that hath healed old Sores upon the leggs, that have run so long that the bones have been seen.

Take a quantity of good sweet Cream, and as much Brimstone beaten in fine powder, as will make it thick like Paste, then take so much Butteras will make it into the form of Oyntmemt, and herewith annoynt the place grieved, twice a day.

An Oyntment for a Rupture.

Take of Sanicle two handfulls, of Adders tongue, Doves foot, and Shephards purse, of each as much, of Limaria one handfull, chop them somewhat small, and boyle them in Deersseuet, untill the Hearbs doe crumble, and wax dry.

A Barley Water to purge the Lungs and lights of all Diseases.

Take halfe a pound of faire Barley, a gallon of running water,Licorice halfe an ounce,Fennell seed, Violet leaves,Parsley seed, of each one quarter of an ounce, red Roses as much,Hysop and Sage dryed, a good quantity of either, Harts tongue twelve leaves, a quarter of a pound ofFigges, and as many Raisons, still the Figges and Raisons, put them all into a new earthen pot, with the water cold, let them seeth well, and then strain the clearest from it, drink of this a good quantity, morning and afternoone, observing good diet upon it, it taketh away all Aguesthat come of heat, and all ill heat; it purgeth the Lights, Spleene, Kidneyes, andBladder.

To Cure the Diseases of the Mother.

Take six or seaven drops of the Spirit ofCastoreumin the beginning of the fit, in two or three spoonfulls of posset Ale, applying a Plaister of Gavanum to the Navill.

To kill Warts: an approved Medicine.

Take a Radish root, scrape off the out side of it, and rub it all over with salt, then set it thus dressed upright in a saucer, or some other small dish, that you may save the liquor that runneth from it, and there with annoynt your Warts three or four times in a day, the oftner the better, and in five or six dayes they will consume away, Sepe probatum.

For the Piles.

Set a Chafin-dish of coales under a close stoole chaire, or in a close stoole case, and strew Amber beaten in fine powder, upon the coales, and sit downe over it, that the smoak may ascend up into the place grieved.

A Medicine for the Piles.

Take a little Orpine, Hackdagger, and Elecampane, stamp them all together with Boares grease, into the form of an Oyntment, and lay them to the place grieved.

A Diet for the Patient that hath Ulcers or Wounds that will hardly be Cured with Oyntments, Salves, or Plaisters.

Take one pound of Guaicum, boyle it in three pottels of Ale, with a soft fire, to the consuming of two parts, but if it be where you may have wild Whay, or cheese Whay, they are better. Let the Patient drink of this morning and evening, halfe a pint at a time, and let him sweat after it two hours. His drink at his Meals must be thus used, put into the same vessel where the former was made, to the Guaicum that is left, three pottels of Ale, and not Whey, let it boyle to the one halfe, let him drink thereof at all times, and at his meale, which must be but one in a day, and that so little, that he may rise hungry. Thus he must doe for five dayes together, but he must first be purged.