A Book of Fruits and Flowers: Of Almonds


To make Almond Biscate.

Steepe one pound of Almonds so long in cold water, till they will blanch, then put them in Rose-water, and beat them in so much Rose-water as will keep them from growing to an Oyle, and no more; take one pound of Sugar beaten very fine, and sifted through a Searce, take the whites of six Eggs beat to a froth, as you use to doe for other Bisket, with a spoonfull of fine flower, set the Almonds and Sugar on a soft Charcoal fire, let them boyle together till they be very thick, and so let them stand till they be almost cold, then beat the Eggs and that together, put in a little Muske for the better tast, if you please, then lay them upon papers, in what proportion you will, and dry them in an Oven, with a slack fire.

To make Almond Milke.

Take a rib of Mutton or Veale, or rather a Chicken, boyle it in faire water, put there to French Barley, a Fennill root, a Parsly root, Violet leaves,Strawberry leaves, and Cinquefoyle leaves, and boyle them all together, till the meat be over boyled, then strayne out the liquor from the rest, while they are boyling blanch a proportion of Almonds answerable to the liquor, beat them well in a clean stone Morter, and then grind them therein with Rosewater and Sugar, and when they are well ground put in all your liquor by little and little, and grind with them till they be all well Compounded, and then strayne it into a faire glasse, and use it at your pleasure.

An approved Medicine for the running of the Reines.

Make Almond Milke of Plantine water, or else boyle Plantine in the liquor whereof you make your Almond Milk, take a quart of it, and put thereto three spoonfulls of Lentive farine, and three spoonfulls of Cinamon water, take of this at six in the morning, a good draught, two hours before dinner another, at four of the clock in the afternoon, a third, and two hours after supper a fourth; and twice or thrice between meals, eat a spoonfull of Conserve of Red Roses at a time.

Oyle of Almonds.

Take Almonds, blanch them, and put them into a pot, and set that pot in another pot of water that boyleth, and the steam of the seething pot will arise and enter into the pot with the Almonds, and that will become Oyle when they are stamped and wringed through a cloath. Thus they make Oyle of the kernels of Filberts, Walnuts,&c.

A Barley Cream to procure sleep, or Almond Milke.

Take a good handfull of French Barley, wash it cleane in warme water, and boyle it in a quart of sayre water to the halfe, then put our the water from the Barley, and put the Barley into a pottell of new clean water, with a Parsley,and a Fennell root, clean washed, and picked with Bourage, Buglos, Violet leaves, and Lettice, of each one handfull, boyle them with the Barley, till more then halfe be consumed; then strayne out the liquor, and take of blanched Almonds a handfull, of the seeds of Melons, Cucumbers, Citralls, and Gourds, husked, of each halfe a quarter of an ounce, beat these seeds, and the Almonds together, in a stone morter, with so much Sugar, and Rose-water as is fit, and strayne them through a cleane cloath into the liquor, and drink thereof at night going to bed, and in the night, if this doth not sufficiently provoke sleep, then make some more of the same liquor, and boyle in the same the beads, or a little of white Poppey.

An Oyntment to kill the Worms in little Children.

For stomach Wormes, annoynt the stomach with Oyle of Wormwood,and the belly with Oyle of sweet Almonds, for belly Wormes take all of Wormwood, Oyle ofSavine, and the Powder of Aloe Cicatrina, finely beaten, annoynt the belly therewith, morning and evening. You must not useSavine in Medicines for Mayden Children, but in stead of Oyle of Savine, take as much of an Oxes Gall.

To make the best white Puddings.

Take a pound of Almonds, blanch them, putting in a little Milk sometime to them in the stamping, then put to them three handfulls of fine Flower, or as much grated bread first baked in an Oven, six Eggs well beaten, a good deale of marrow cut in little pieces, season them with Nutmeg and Sugar, three spoonfulls of Rose-water, and a little Salt; temper them all together, with as much Cream as will serve to wet or mingle them; and so fill them up.

An Almond Candle.

Blanch Jordan Almonds, beat them with a little small Ale, and strayne them out with as much more Ale as you minde to make your Caudle of, then boyle it as you doe an Egg Caudle, with a little Mace in it, and when it is off the fire sweeten it with Sugar.

To make fine white Leach of Almonds.

Take halfe a pound of small Almonds, beat them, and strayne them with Rose water, and sweet Milk from the Cow, and put into it two or three pieces of large Mace, one graine of Musk, two ounces of Isinglasse, and so boyle it in a Chafin-dish of coales, a quarter of an hour, till it will stand, which you shall try thus, set a saucer in a little cold water, so that none come into it, and put a spoonfull of the Leach into it, and if you see that stand, rake the other off the fire, then you may slice it in what fashion you please.

To make Almond Butter.

Blanch one pound ofAlmonds, or more; or lesse, as you please, lay them four hours in cold water, then stamp them with some Rose water, as fine as you can, put them in a cloath, and presse out as much Milk as you can, then if you think they be not enough beat them, and straine them againe, till you get as much Milk of them, as you can, then set it on the fire, till they be ready to boyle, putting in a good quantity of Salt and Rose water, to turne it after one boyling, being turned, take it off, cast it abroad upon a linnen cloath, being holden between two, then with a spoon take off the Whey under the cloath, so long as any will drop or run, then take so much of the finest Sugar you can get, as will sweeten it, and melt it in as much Rose-water as will serve to dissolve it, put thereto so much Saffron in fine powder, as will colour it, and so steeping the Saffron and Sugar in Rose-water, season your Butter therewith, when you make it up.

To make Almond Cakes.

Take of Jordan Almonds, one pound, beat them as you doe for Almond milk, draw them through a strainer, with the yolks of two or three Eggs, season it well with Sugar, and make it into a thick Batter, with fine flower, as you doe for Bisket bread, then power it on small Trencher plates, and bake them in an Oven, or baking pan, and these are the best Almond Cakes.

To make Paste of Almonds.

Take one pound of small Almonds, blanch them out of hot water into cold, then dry them with a cloath, and beat them in a stone Morter, till they come to Past, putting now and then a spoonful of Rose water to them, to keep them from Oyling, when they are beaten to fine past, take halfe a pound of Sugar finely beaten and searsed, put it to your past, and beat it till it will twist between your fingers and thumb, finely without knots, for then it is enough, then make thereof Pyes, Birds, Fruits, Flowers, or any pretty things, printed with Molds, and so gild them, and put them into your Stove, and use them at your pleasure.

To make a Marchpine.

Take a pound of small Almonds, blanch them, and beat them, as you doe your past of Almonds, then drive it into a sheet of past, and spread it on a botome of wafers, according to the proportion, or bignesse you please, then set an edge round about it, as you doe about a Tart, and pinch it if you will, then bake it in a pan, or Oven, when it is enough, take it forth, and Ice it with an Ice made of Rose-water and Sugar, as thick as batter, spread it on with a brush of bristles, or with feathers, and put it in the Oven againe, and when you see the Ice rise white and dry, take it forth, and stick long comfits in it, and set up a staddard in the middest of it, so gild it, and serve it.

To make White-Broth with Almonds.

First look that the Meat be clean washed, and then set it on the fire, and when it boyleth, scum it clean, and put some salt into the pot, then take Rosemary, Thyme, Hysop, and Marjerome, bind them together, and put them into the pot, then take a dish of sweet Butter, and put it also into the pot amongst the meat, and take whole Mase, and bind them in a cloath, and put them into the pot, with a quantity of Verjuice, and after that take such a quantity of Almonds as shall serve turne, blanch them, and beat them in the Morter, and then straine them with the broth when your Meat is in, and when these Almonds are strained put them in a pot by themselves, with some Sugar, a little Ginger, and also a little Rose water, then stir it while it boyle, and after that take some sliced Oringes without the kernels, and boyle them with the broth of the pot, upon a chafin-dish of coales, with a little Sugar, and then have some Sipits ready in a platter, and serve the meat upon them, and put not your Almonds in till it be ready to be served.