A Book of Fruits and Flowers: Of Beanes



To defend Humours.

TakeBeanes, the rinde or the upper skin being pul’d off, bruise them, and mingle them with the white of an Egg, and make it stick to the temples, it keepeth back humours flowing to the Eyes.

To dissolve the Stone; which is one of the Physitians greatest secrets.

Take a peck of greenBeane cods, well cleaved, and without dew or rain, and two good handfulls ofSaxifrage, lay the same into a Still, one row ofBean cods, another ofSaxifrage, and so Distill another quart of water after this manner, and then Distill another proportion of Beancodds alone, and use to drink oft these two Waters; if the Patient be most troubled with heat of the Reins, then it is good to use the Beancodd water stilled alone more often, and the other upon comming downe of the sharp gravell or stone.

Unguentum Sanativum.

Take ofTerpentineone pound,Wax six ounces, Oyle ofCammomilehalfe a pint, put all these together in a pan, and put to them a handfull ofCammomile, bruised, or cut very small, boyle them upon a soft fire till they be well melted, and no more; then take it from the fire, and strayne it into a clean pan, and so let it coole all night, and in the morning put it up for your use. This Oyntment is good for any cut, wound, or breaking of the flesh, it eateth away dead flesh, and ranklings, and doth heale againe quickly.

A Serecloath for all Aches.

Take Rossenone pound,Perrossen a quarter of a pound, asMastick andDeer sewetthe like,Turpentinetwo ounces,Clovesbruised, one ounce, Macebruised, two ounces,Saffron two drams, boyle all these together in Oyle ofCammomile, and keep it for your use.

An Oyntment to be made at any time of the yeare, and is approved good, and hath helped old Paines, Griefes, and Aches.

Take Steers Gall, Sallet Oyle andAqua vita of each five spoon-fulls, boyle them together a little, and therewith annoint the place pained, by the fire, and lay a warm cloath on it.

An Oyntment for the Sciatica.

Roaste a handfull or two ofOnions, and take Neats-foot Oyle, and Aqua vita, of each a pint, stamp, or rather boyle all these together to an Oyle, or Oyntment, and straine it into a gally pot, and therewith annoynt the place grieved as hot as you can endure it, morning and evening.

A Water to drive away any Infection.

TakeDraggons, Angelica, Rue, Wormwood, of each a handfull, chop them pretty small, and steep them in a quart ofWhite-wine, twenty four hours, then distill them in a Still, and reserve the water in a glasse close stopped; give to the sick Patient six or seaven spoonfuls thereof at a time fasting, and let him fast an houre and an halfe after, and keep himselfe very warme in his bed, or otherwise.

An excellent Conservative for the stomach, helping digestion, warming the braine, and drying the Rheumes.

Take two ounces of good old Conserve of red Roses, of chosenMethridatetwo drams, mingle them well together, and eat thereof to bed-ward, the quantity of a hazell nut; this doth expell all windinesse of the stomach, expelleth raw humours and venomous vapours, causeth good digestion, dryeth the Rheume, strengthneth the memory and sight.

An Oyntmnt for any wound or sore.

Take two pound ofSheeps suet, or ratherDeers suet, a pint ofCandy Oyle, a quarter of a pound of the newest and bestBees-wax, melt them together, stirring them well, and put to them one ounce of the Oyle of Spike, and halfe an ounce of theGoldsmiths Boras, then heating them againe, and stirring them all together, put it up in a gally pot, and keep it close stopped till you have cause to use it; this is an approved Oyntment to cure any wounds or sores new or old.

An excellent Oyntment for any Bruise or Ache.

Take two pound ofMay Butterpurified, powre it out from the dregs, and put to it ofBroomeflowers andElderflowers, of each a good handfull, so clean picked that you use nothing but the leaves, mix them all together in a stone pot, and boyle them seaven or eight howres in a kettell of water, being covered with a board, and kept downe with weights, keeping the kettell alwayes full of water, with the help of another kettell of boyling water ready to fill up the first as it wasteth, and when it waxeth somewhat coole, but not cold, straine the Oyntment from the Hearbs, into a gally pot, and keep it for your use.

A Plaister for a Bile or Push.

Take a yolk of an Egg, and halfe a spoonfull of EnglishHoney, mix them together with fine wheat flower, and making it to a Plaister, apply it warme to the place grieved.

An approved good drink for the Pestilence.

Take six spoonfuls ofDraggon-water, two good spoonfulls of Wine-Vineger, two penny weights of EnglishSaffron, and as much Treacle ofGene, as a littleWalnut, dissolve all these together upon the fire, and let the Patient drink it blood-warm, within twenty hours or sooner that he is sick, and let him neither eat nor drink six howres after, but lye so warme in his bed, that he may sweat, this expelleth the Disease from the heart, and if he be disposed to a sore, it will streightwayes appeare, which you shall draw out with a Plaister ofFlos Unguentorum.

For the Rheume in the gums or teeth.

BoyleRosemary in faire water, with some ten or twelveCloves, shut, and when it is boyled take as much Claretwine as there is water left, and mingle with it, and make it boyle but a little againe, then strayne it into some glasse, and wash the mouth there with morning and evening; this will take away the Rheume in short time; and if you boyle a littleMastick. therewith, it is the better.

For the Emroids.

TakeEgremonyand bruise it small, and then fry it with Sheep suet, andHoney, of each a like quantity, and lay it as hot as you can suffer it to the Fundament, and it will heale very faire and well.

An approved medicine for the Dropsey.

Take the Hearb calledBitter sweet, it grows in waters, and bears a purple flower, slice the stalks, and boyle a pretty deale of them inWhite-wine, drink thereof first and last, morning and evening, and it will cure the Dropsey.

A Powder for Wounds.

TakeOrpiment, andVerdigreese, of each an ounce, ofVitriallburned till it be red, two ounces, beat each of them by it selfe in a brasen Morter, as small as flower, then mingle them all together, that they appear all as one, and keep it in bagges of leather, well bound, for it will last seaven years with the same vertue, and it is calledPowder peerlesse, it hath no peer for working inChyrurgery, for put of this powder in a wound where is dead flesh, and lay scrap’t lint about it, and a Plainer of Disklosions next upon it, and it will heale it.

An approved Medicine for the Green sicknesse.

Take a quart of Clarretwine, one pound ofCurrants, and a handfull of youngRosemarycrops, and halfe an ounce ofMace, seeth these to a pint, and let the Patient drink thereof three spoonfulls at a time, morning and evening, and eat some of the Currantsalso after.

A Medicine for a Pleurisie, Stitch, or Winde, offending in any part of the Body.

Gather the young shutes ofOake, after the fall of aWood, and picking out the tenderest and softest of them, especially those which look redest, bind them up together in a wet paper, and roste them in hot embers, as you doe aWarden, whereby they will dry to powder, of which powder let the Patient take a spoonfull in a little Posset Ale, or Beer, warmed, in the morning, fasting after it two hours, or more, if he be able, doing the like about three after noon, and two hours after supper, four or five dayes together, which thus done in the beginning of the Disease, is by often experiments found to cure such windy paines in the side, stomach, or other parts of the body; you may dry them also in a dish, in an Oven after the bread is drawn; you shall doe well to gather enough of them in the Spring, and make good store of the powder then, to keep for all the year following.

An approved Medicine for the Gout in the feet.

Take anOxes paunch new killed, and warm out of the belly, about the latter end of May, or beginning of June, make two holes therein, and put in your feet, and lay store of warm cloaths about it, to keep it warm so long as can be. Use this three or four dayes together, for three weeks or a moneth, whether you have the fit or paine of the Gout, at that time or no, so you have had it at any time before. This hath cured divers persons, that they have never been troubled with it againe.

For one that cannot make water.

Take the white strings of Filmyroots, ofPrimroseswash them very clean, and boyle of them halfe a handfull, in a pint ofBeer orWhite-wine, till halfe be consumed, then straine it through a clean cloath, and drink thereof a quarter of a pint, somewhat warme, morning and evening, for three dayes, it will purge away all viscous or obstructions stopping the passage of the water,probatum.

To kill the Ring worme, and heat thereof.

Take a quart of White winevineger, boyle therein ofWoodbineleaves,Sage, andPlantaine of each one handfull, of whiteCoperas, one pound, of Allum as much as an Egge; when it is boyled to halfe a pint, straine out the liquor, and therewith wash the soare as hard as you can suffer it.

To make a Water for all Wounds and Cankers.

Take a handfull of red Sageleaves, a handfull ofSelandine, as muchWoodbineleaves, then take a gallon of Conduict water, and put the hearbs in it, and let them boyle to a pottell, and then strayning the Hearbs through a strainer, take the liquor and set it over the fire againe, and take a pint of EnglishHoney, a good handfull ofRoche Allum, as much of whiteCopperastinne beaten, a penny worth ofGrainesbruised, and let them boyle all together three or four warms, and then let the scum be taken off with a feather, and when it is cold put it in an earthen pot or bottell, so as it may be kept close; and for an old Wound take of the thinnest, and for a green Wound, of the thickest, and having dressed them with this Water, cover the soare either with Veale, or Mutton, and skin it with Dockleaves.

For a Swelling that cometh suddenly in mans Limbs.

Take Hartstongue,Cherfoyle, and cut them small, and then take dreggs of Ale, andWheatBranne, andSheepstallow molten, and doe all in a pot, and seeth them till they be thick, and then make a Plaister, and lay it to the swelling.