A Book of Fruits and Flowers: Of Cucumbers


How to keep Cucumbers.

Take a kettle big enough for your use, halfe full of water, make it brackish with salt, boyle therein ten or twentyCucumbers, cut in halves, then take the rawCucumbers, being somewhat little, and put them into the vessell wherein you will keep them, and when your liquor is cold straine so much of it into them, as may keep theCucumbersalwayes covered.

To keep boyled Cucumbers.

Take a kettle of water, put salt to it, boyle it well, then take your rawCucumbers, put them into it, and keep them with turning up and downe very softly, till they be as it were per-boyled, then take them out, and lay them aside till they be cold, then put them up in the vessel you will keep them in, and when the liquor is cold, straine it into them, till they be all covered.

To Pickle Cucumbers to keep all the yeare.

Pare a good quantity of the rindes ofCucumbers, and boyle them in a quart of running water, and a pint of wineVineger, with a handfull ofsalt, till they be soft, then letting them stand till the liquor be quite cold, pour out the liquor from the rinds, into some little barrel, earthen pot, or other vessel, that may be close stopped, and put as many of the youngestCucumbersyou can gather, therein, as the liquor will cover, and so keep them close covered, that no winde come to them, to use all the year till they have new; if yourCucumbersbe great, ’tis best to boyle them in the liquor till they be soft.