A Book of Fruits and Flowers: Of Goose-Berries


To keep Goose-Berries.

Take a handfull or two of the worser of your Goose-Berries, cut off their stalks and heads, and boyle them all to pieces, in a pottell of water, putting into the boyling thereof, halfe a quarter ofsugar, then take the liquor, straine it through a haire strainer, and while it cooleth cut off the stalks and heads of the fairestGoose-Berries, being very carefull you cut not the skin of them above or below; put them into a gally pot, and pour the liquor in after them.

Purslainemust be used as you doe theGoose-Berries.

The best way to Preserve Goose-Berries.

Gather them with their stalks on, cut off their heads, and stone them, then put them in scalding water, and let them stand therein covered a quarter of an hour, then take their weight insugar finely beaten, and laying first a lay of sugar, then one of your Goose-Berries, in your Preserving Skillet or pan, till all be in, putting in for every pound ofGoose-Berries, six spoonfulls of water, set them on the embers till the sugar be melted, then boyle them up as fast as you can, till the Syrupe be thick enough, and cold, and then put them up. This way serves also forRespassesandMulberries.