A Book of Fruits and Flowers: Of Grapes


Syrupe Gresta, or a Syrupe of Unripe Grapes.

Take a good basket full of unripeGrapes, set them three dayes in a vessel after they be gathered, stamp them, and straine out the juice out of them, take thereof six quarts, boyle it with a soft fire till the third part be consumed then four quarts will remaine, let that run through a woollen bagge, and stand till it be clear in it selfe, then take of the clearest of it, seven pints, put thereto five pound of ClarifiedSugar, boyle them together to the thicknesse of a Syrupe, and keep it in a glasse; it is good for a perbreaking stomach, proceeding of Choller, and for a swelling stomach, it taketh away thirst and drynesse, and chollerickAgues, it is of great comfort to the stomach of Women being with child, it is a preservative against all manner of Venome, and against the Pestilence.