A Book of Fruits and Flowers: Of Lillies


The use of Oyle of Lillies.

Oyle ofLillies is good to supple, mollifie, and stretch sinews that be shrunk, it is good to annoynt the sides and veines in the fits of theStone.

To Candy all kinde of Flowers as they grow, with their stalks on.

Take the Flowers, and cut the stalks somewhat short, then take one pound of the whitest and hardestSugar you can get, put to it eight spoonfulls of Rosewater, and boyle it till it will roule between your fingers and your thumb, then take it from the fire, coole it with a stick, and as it waxeth cold, dip in all your Flowers, and taking them out againe suddenly, lay them one by one on the bottome of a Sive; then turne a joyned stoole with the feet upwards, set the sive on the feet thereof, cover it with a faire linnen cloath, and set a chafin-dish of coales in the middest of the stoole underneath the five, and the heat thereof will run up to the sive, and dry your Candy presently; then box them up, and they will keep all the year, and look very pleasantly.

To make the Rock Candies upon all Spices, Flowers, and Roots.

Take two pound of Barbary Sugar, Clarifie it with a pint of water, and the whites of two Eggs, then boyle it in a posnet to the height of Manus Christi, then put it into an earthen Pipkin and therewith the things that you will Candy, as Cinamon, Ginger, Nutmegs, Rose buds, Marigolds, Eringo roots, &c.cover it, and stop it close with clay or paste, then put it into a Still, with a leasurely fire under it, for the space of three dayes and three nights, then open the pot, and if the Candy begin to come, keep it unstopped for the space of three or four dayes more, and then leaving the Syrupe, take out the Candy, lay it on a Wyer grate, and put it in an Oven after the bread is drawne, and there let it remaine one night, and your Candy will dry. This is the best way for rock Candy, making so small a quantity.

The Candy Sucket for green Ginger, Lettice, Flowers.

Whatsoever you have Preserved, either Hearbs, Fruits, or Flowers, take them out of the Syrupe, and wash them in warm water, and dry them well, then boyle theSugar to the height of Candy, for Flowers, and draw them through it, then lay them on the bottome of a Sive, dry them before the fire, and when they are enough, box them for your use. This is that the Comfet-makers use and call Sucket Candy.