A Book of Fruits and Flowers: Of Medicines


An Excellent Medicine or Salve for an Ache coming of cold, easie to be made by any Countrey Housewife.

Take of good Neats-foot Oyle, Honey, and new Wax, like quantities, boyle them all well together, then put to them a quarter so much of Aqua vitæ as was of each of the other, and then setting it on the fire, boyle it till it be well incorporated together, then spread it upon a piece of thin Leather, or thick linnen cloath, and so apply it to the place pained.

To cake the Ague out of any place.

TakeVervine andBlack Hemlocke, of each an handfull, boyle them in a pint of fresh Buttertill they be soft, and begin to parch againe, then straine theButter from the hearbs, and put it into a gally pot, and two or three times annoynt the place grieved with a spoonfull or two thereof,probat.

For the Ague in Children, or Women with Child.

Take Venice Terpentine, spread it on the rough side of a piece of thin Leather, two fingers breadth, and strew thereon the powder ofFrankincense finely beaten, and upon it some Nutmeg grated, binde this upon the wrists an hour before the fit comes, and renew it still till the fit be gone.

To strengthen the Back weak or diseased.

Take the pith of an Oxes back, wash it in Wine or Ale, and beating it very small straine it through a course cloath, and make a Caudle of it, withMuskadineor strongAle boyling it therein a few Datessliced, and the stones taken out, and drink it first and last as warm as you can, walking well, but temperately after it. Toasted dates often eaten are very good for the same.

For a Paine or Ache in the Back.

Take Nepe, Archangel, Parsley, and Clarie, of each halfe a handfull wash them cleane, and cut them small, and then fry them with a little sweet Butter, then take the yolks of three or four Eggs, beat them well together, and put them to the Hearbs, fry them all together, and eat them fasting every morning, with some Sugar; to take away the unsavorinesse of the Hearbs, some use to take only Clary leaves, and Parsleywashed, not cut, or Clary leaves alone, and powring the yolks of the Eggs upon them, so fry them, and eat them.

For a suddain Bleeding at the Nose.

Burne an Egg shell in the fire till it be as black as a coale, then beat it to a fine powder, and let the party snufle it up into his Nostrills.

A Medicine for Burning or Scalding.

TakeMadenwort, stamp it, and seeth it in fresh Butter, and therewith anoynt the place grieved presently.

For the Canker in Womens Breasts.

Take Goose-dung,Celedonie, stamp them well together, and lay it plaister-wise to the soare, it will cleanse theCanker, kill the wormes, and heale the soare.

For the Canker in the Mouth.

Take the juice ofPlantaine, Vineger andRose water, of each a like quantity, mingle them together, and wash the mouth often with them.

To make a Tooth fall out of it selfe.

Take wheat flower and mix it with the Milk of an Hearb calledSpurge, make thereof a past, and fill the hole of the Tooth therewith, and leave it there, changing it every two houres, and the Tooth will fall out.

To take away the cause of the paine in the Teeth.

Wash the mouth two or three times together in the morning every moneth, with White-winewherein the root ofSpurge hath been sodden, and you shall never have paine in your Teeth.

For A Consumption.

Take Ash-keyes so soon as they look wither’d, set them into an Oven, the bread being drawne, in a pewter, or rather an earthen dish, and being so dryed pull off the out side, and reserving the inner part, or the seed, or keyes, beat them to fine powder, and either mix it with good English honey, and so eat of it, first and last, morning and evening, a pretty deale of it at once, upon the point of a knife, or else drink of the powder in some posset Ale, or thin broth. Mares milk, or Asses milk, which is best, being drunk warm morning and evening, is the most soveraigne Medicine for it.

An excellent Medicine for the Cough of the Lungs.

Take Fennell and Angelica of each one handfull, the leaves in Summer, roots in Winter, sliced figgs twelve, but if the body be bound, twenty at least, green Licorice if you can, two or three good sticks scraped and sliced, Anniseed cleaved and bruised, two good spoonfulls, two or three Parsley roots scraped, and the pith taken out, and twenty leaves of Foale-foot, boyle all these in three pints of Hysop water, to a pint and halfe, then straine it out into a glasse, putting to it as much white Sugar-candy as will make it sweet, drink hereof, being warmed, five spoonfulls at a time, first in the morning, and last in the evening, taking heed that you eat nor drink any thing two how res before nor after.