Agrimonia eupatoria L. – Church steeples Description


Agrimonia eupatoria L. – Church steeples

Agrimonia eupatoria L
Agrimonia eupatoria L commonly known as Church Steeples.


Family: Rosaceae
Genus: Agrimonia L.
Common Names: Church Steeples, Cocklebur, Philanthropos, Stickwort, Liverwort, Common agrimony, Fragrant agrimony, Roadside rosaceae, Woodland groovebur
Habitat: Meadows, Stone Walls, Roadsides
Soil: Most soil types as long as it is well drained.
Sun: Full sunlight to Light Shade, with a preference for full sun
Description: Entire plant is aromatic. It has a long, thin, single racemes with hairy, pinnate leaves. Leaves have a silvery or grayish tone on the underside and there are both large and small leaves. The yellow flowers grow in spikes along the shoot and form into burrs.
Flowering: Yellow, 5 petaled, star shaped flowers. Blooms during the Summer months.
Useful parts: Leaves, flowers, roots
Plant uses: Cleaning, Cosmetics, Medicinal.