The Candy Maker’s Guide: Almond Candies


10 lbs. Good Brown Sugar.
2 lbs. Glucose.
Lemon Flavoring if desired.
3 lbs. Almonds.
3 pints water.

Process.—Split with a sharp knife the almonds, lay them face downwards on an oiled plate, cover the plate as closely as possible; boil the glucose, sugar and water to the crack 305; remove the pan from the fire, and pour the contents carefully and evenly over the almonds; the addition of a little lemon or almond flavoring will improve it.


10 lbs. Brown Sugar.
2 lbs. Glucose.
6 lbs. Sweet Almonds.
3 pints water.

Process.—Clean your almonds by blowing out all the dust and grit, pick out the shells, dissolve the sugar water and glucose; boil the lot up to crack; pour the contents on oiled plate. Sprinkle the almond all over the boil, shake over the lot a few drops of oil of lemon; turn up the edges first, then the whole boil; mix and knead it like dough until all the almonds are well mixed in; no time must be lost in this process or the sugar will get too hard; when firm make a long roll of the entire boil, place it on a hard wood board, and cut it up into thin slices; it will have to be kept in shape while cutting, by turning over and pressing the sides as it becomes flat; a special large sharp knife is used for this purpose. A smaller boil than the above had better be tried by beginners, say half the quantity. This can be done by halving the ingredients. Needless to state these remarks apply to other recipes.


12 lbs. White Sugar.
3 lbs. Glucose.
6 lbs. Sweet Blanched Almonds.
4 pints water.

Process.—Boil the sugar, water and glucose in the usual way to the degree of weak crack, 305 by the thermometer, then ease the pan a little way off the fire, and let the almonds gently slide into the mass. Use the spatula a little just to keep the almonds from sticking to the bottom, stirring lightly only the one way, then watch the boil carefully till it turns a light golden color; lift off the pan and pour the contents into the frames. The almond will come to the top better in tins than in pouring plates.

Of course a better quality is made by adding more almonds, or vice versa. The almond after being blanched should be spread on a tin and dried, either on the stove top or in the oven.


14 lbs. Brown Sugar.
3 lbs Glucose.
Lemon Flavoring.
2 lbs. Almonds, Chopped.
4 pints water.

Process.—Boil the sugar, glucose and water, as directed, to the degree of crack; pour the boil on oiled [Pg 42]plate, sprinkle the almond over it with a few drops of oil of lemon, knead the whole together till stiff, cut off small pieces and pass through tablet rollers.