The Candy Maker’s Guide: Buttercups


These beautiful candies are very popular; they are pleasing both to the eye and the palate when they are well made, but they must be kept air tight or they will soon lose all their attractiveness and become a sticky mass, as they have a great tendency to “sweat.” In order to prevent this as much as possible it is advisable to use a little borax in each boil. The process is simple enough, but must be worked quickly, in fact the beauty depends upon the rapid manipulation of the sugar over the hook; keep the eye fixed on the color; as soon as it becomes a glossy satin with a close grain it is finished; lift it off the hook immediately and return to the slab for casing. Do not carry on the pulling operation until it becomes spongy, and be careful not to use too much color; the tints should be light and delicate when finished. Machines are made for cutting buttercups, price $6.00 and $14.00, each machine. Crimped edge machine, $20.00 each. Get our price list.


7 lbs. Best White Sugar.
2 lbs. Fondant Paste.
1 lb. Desiccated Coconut, fine.
Green color.
1 teaspoonful Cream of Tartar.
1 quart water.

Process.—Put the sugar, water and cream of tartar in the boiling pan and boil up to crack 310 in the ordinary way; while the pan is on the fire, take the fondant paste and work into it the desiccated coconut, with a little essence of vanilla, and lay aside till required. When the boil has reached the required degree pour the sugar on the slab, color it light green, and when partly cool, pull over the hook until it becomes a delicate satin tint; return it to the slab, press the boil out, lay the fondant paste in the centre and case it all around with the pulled sugar; now carefully work the one end of the boil down to a point as for sticks and draw it out in lengths, required thickness: lay them on the machine and press gently until cut through; the buttercups are then ready for packing. It is advisable to work small boils of these goods, as the casing being boiled soon gets brittle; keep turning the bulk round on the plate so as to keep the fondant paste exactly in the centre.


7 lbs. Best White Sugar.
2 lbs. Fondant Paste.
1 lb Desiccated Cocoanut.
1 lb. Raspberry Jam, boiled Stiff.
1 teaspoonful cream of Tartar.
1 quart Water.
Carmine Color.

Process.—Work the jam and cocoanut into the fondant paste; boil the sugar, water and cream tartar to crack; pour on oiled slab; color light rose tint: when partly cool, pull and work off as in the preceding recipe and cut with buttercup machine.


7 lbs. Sugar.
2 lbs. Fondant Paste.
1 lb. Desiccated Cocoanut.
Yellow Color.
1 teaspoon Cream Tartar.
1 quart Water with Borax.
Lemon Flavor.

Process.—As usual, buttercups of any sort or flavor may be made by following the directions given, and substituting different essences, jams, chopped nuts or almonds, and color to fancy.


7 lbs. White Sugar.
2 lbs Fondant Paste.
1 lb. Black Currant Jam.
½ oz. Tartaric Acid.
1 teaspoonful Cream Tartar.
1 quart Water.
Purple Color.

Process.—Work the jam, acid and color into the fondant paste, boil the sugar, water and cream tartar to crack, and work off as already described.