The Candy Maker’s Guide: Candy Balls


8 lbs. Sugar.
2 lbs. Glucose.
3 pints water.

Process.—Boil the sugar, water and glucose in the usual way to weak crack, say 300; pour the boil on the slab, color and flavor to taste; work the batch up until stiffish, then roll the boil round, getting one end down to a point as directed for sticks, pull it off in lengths of about three feet and about one inch thick; cut in pieces with “Jackson Ball Cutter” and roll round with the hand. An expert assistant is necessary for this operation, as the balls must be shaped while hot and kept on the move till cold.

This general recipe will apply to all balls. For details of pulling, striping, casing and variety the reader is referred to the various processes given for sticks and bulls eyes. They are all made and finished in this way. For small sizes, pull out the lengths thinner; for large sizes, thicker.

To make the various striped balls nicely, requires practice and a good deal of it. No amount of book learning will teach those who are quite ignorant of sugar boiling; but at the same time if the reader has mastered the simpler process at the beginning of the book, he is quite capable of understanding this and working out his own ideas in this way; but hand-made balls should not be attempted until the learner feels confident he can manage a boil easily and quickly, because there is no time to think after the sugar is on the slab. The manipulation must now have been acquired to an extent so as to enable the operator to proceed as if by instinct.